Is life like art?

The Netflix series is an ironic twist to fate. Lupin, which chronicles the crimes of cat burglar Assane Diop (Omar Sy), was robbed last week. According to Deadline, citing the AFP, a group of about 20 people wearing face masks stormed onto the season three set after setting off mortar fireworks in the French neighborhood of Nanterre on Friday, Feb. 25. Amid the chaos, the thieves allegedly made off with about $330,000 worth of equipment, the AFP reported.

CelebHomes News received a statement from Netflix confirming that the incident happened. It stated: “Our cast, crew, and we are safe. We have not sustained any injuries.” Filming has been resumed.

This month The Crown was also robbed of about $150,000 in antique props. Set decorator for the show. Alison Harvey told the Antique Trades Gazette that the thieves took the props from trucks as the crew filmed at a nearby location on Feb. 16. “The items stolen are not necessarily in the best condition and therefore of limited value for resale,” sheAccording to the Gazette. However, these pieces are very valuable for the U.K.’s film industry.