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If you love Kate Spade’s chic bags and accessories as much as we do, chances are, you’re well aware of Kate Spade Surprise, which offers up to 75% off everything sitewide. This is remarkable in and of itself. However, 24-Hour Deals of The Day allow you to get even greater savings than usual. This deal is a highlight of our commitment to bringing you only the very best deals. 

Kate Spade’s Ava Reversible Tote is a large tote bag made from refined grain leather. You can choose from a variety of colors, including classic saddle, black or parchment. We’re deciding between the blazer blue and wintergreen ourselves. The bag is reversible, so you’re basically getting two bags for the price of one. Wow! If that weren’t enough, the Ava also comes with a cute removable coin purse in a contrasting color, which just adds to its chic and sophisticated look. 

Reviewers agree that the Ava Reversible Tote bag is the ideal choice for travel and work. One even said it had that “rare combo” of being good looking and practical. If you have a birthday to shop for or a recent grad starting a new job, this large tote makes an excellent gift idea.