TinxMore tweets are available.

TikTok’s star was born Christina NajjarFans asked questions about tweets she enjoyed or interacted in 2020. Reddit user r/tinxsnark collected tweets and they were published by Sophie Ross on April 22 and showed Tinx retweeting and liking tweets about Boris Johnson, Donald TrumpCOVID-19.

Tinx shared her Instagram Stories: “In 2020, I was in that same scared and wildly disruptive place we all were.” I was depressed, confused and anxious, scrolling through the internet looking for some kind of explanation or reprieve, something that could take away those feelings. It’s not a satisfactory answer to tell you “I wasn’t thinking clearly” but this is what it means.

She was criticized for her comments on Twitter and praised Donald Trump. One of her retweets said, “Democrats simply internalize what cultural totems like the NYT, lobbyists or economists tell them. They are easy to be intimidated or fooled. Tinx continued following the same trend in 2020 of liking tweets that applauded the actions and achievements of political figures like Donald Trump.