HalseyIt is taking a backward step.

On April 25, the “Without Me” singer, 27, shared on their Instagram Story that they had been “in and out of the hospital” for the past few weeks while “dealing with some new challenges.” 

They wrote, “Trying to keep it normal; Grammys and Coachella etc.,” alongside a photo of themselves lying on a bed holding a peace sign. But my body is protesting. Finally, demanding I slow down or cease foreal. So I am in my best form for the tour.”

Halsey—who has been open with their ongoing health complications related to endometriosis since 2017—warned fans not to take it personally if they decide to go “MIA.”

“I am doing the best I can under difficult circumstances,” Halsey wrote, before saying that they wanted to spread awareness to their “fellow spoonies,” which are individuals who suffer from a chronic illness.