Ophelia Nichols A month later, after her 18-year old son’s death, she is being honest about her feelings of grief.

In video posted on July 24, the TikToker shared that she had recently visited a beach in honor of Randon LeeOphelia, who was shot to death last month. Ophelia also shared footage from her “day” of healing, and said that “I cannot lie, these past three days were probably the most difficult for me.”

Elle continued: “I try to find the joy in every thing so I can smile or laugh, but I’ve been waiting patiently for the moment when I could get by the water since the worst time of my life.”

Ophelia explained how she decided to go to the beach to feel closer to her child after raising them near the sea.

She said, “I sat silently for a while so I could talk to my baby,” “Despite the rain, we had a great day.”