Because of her rocky past with Kathryn, Naomie didn’t disagree with what Chleb was saying. She did however agree with what Chleb was saying. didn’t understand was why he was choosing to stay in the relationship. 

His response? His answer? “I feel like the one here who can make her break through that s—t.”

She disagreed, telling Chleb he had a “savior complex,” and they proceeded to end their conversation on what seemed like an amicable note. This was until Chleb came over to Kathryn, and stated, “Naomie, you are a f—king c .”

Chleb accused Naomie, too, of trying to “basically manipulate me” and our conversations.

Naomie, meanwhile, was discussing the matter MoreWith Leva Bonaparte. Leva said that she believed the words he had spoken to her were not something that one would say openly to others when they are together.