Never has the Queen of France been so cool.

Samantha Morton stars as Catherine de Medici (a.k.a. France’s queen from 1547 to 1559) in the edgy trailer for The Serpent QueenSTARZ premiered the following September 11th:

Catherine shares her perspective over some pop-punk songs. Catherine says that her story started when she was young. “I felt alone in the universe. “My first impression of my co-worker was not favorable.”

Her uncle Pope Clement, played by Games of ThronesCharles DanceCatherine’s life is in the hands of others, says a quick-witting friend. 

He tells her, “It doesn’t matter what it is,” Your marriage is arranged.”

However, once Catherine finds her new husband, Henri, the Duke of Orléans, cheating on her with Diane de Poitiers (Ludivine Sgnier) on their wedding night, she recognizes she must fight to carve out a name for herself.

It was her time to rule, she says. “It was all I knew.”