TikToker Ophelia NicholsI am making an emotional appeal for assistance.
Nichols shared the terrible news over the weekend that her youngest child was shot to death and appealed for help in finding the shooters. WKRN reports Nichols family confirms that Nichols is 18 years old. Randon LeeLaw enforcement stated that the victim was her daughter and the investigation into the murder is ongoing.
Nichols shared a June 25 video in which he said, “The word has already been spread and I’m simply being overwhelmed with messages.” And I must let everyone know. This video is for a purpose. Because I need your help. Although I have never asked for your assistance, I do need it. I have almost 7,000,000 followers.  Someone has to know something. Today would have been my baby child’s 19th birthday, but he was [taken]From me last night.”
Per WKRN, Nichols said her son was shot at a gas station in Prichard, Ala., before driving down the street to a different gas station, where he was later found deceased.