Dynamic duo

The weekend will be Tiger Woods His 12-year-old son Charlie Woods took the PNC Championship by storm.

On Saturday, Dec. 18, the father-son duo played in the competitive golf tournament in Orlando, Fla. at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club. Pro golfers are paired with family members in this two-day annual exhibition.

To kick off the tournament, the 45-year-old golf pro and his mini-me sported matching looks, wearing salmon-colored shirts, black pants and navy hats. They returned to the golf course on Sunday, Dec. 19 and twinned in bright red tops. 

“It was an awesome day,” Tiger said at the PNC Championship, according to ESPN. “It was great to be back out there playing, and to be out with my boy. It was an absolute pleasure.

Sources reported that Charlie’s sister and Tiger’s daughter were both Charlie. Sam Alexis, 14, cheered them on at the tournament, as well as the golf pro’s girlfriend, Erica Herman.