She was not afraid to warn others, but she said that all stars came to the same conclusion and added, “They all ignored my.”

Fans have witnessed all three actors who have taken up the title of Spider-Man fall in love with their on-screen love interests—be it MJOr Gwen Stacy—since the beginning. Actually, Peter and MJ’s first off-screen romance was actually between actors Tobey Maguire Kirsten DunstWhile filming the first movie.

“They began to date, according to me, during the second movie…I didn’t realize it then.” Sam Raimi, director of the first Spider-Man trilogy, told the Sydney Morning-Herald In 2007. 

However, their relationship didn’t last long. Their relationship ended before the 2nd movie. “I was afraid they wouldn’t have the same chemistry, but that was my worry,” he said. They really do like one another, I believe, deeply. This relationship likely just increased their trust in each other.”

In 2017, Kirsten got engaged later had two children with her Fargo and Dog Power co-star Jesse Plemons. Tobey got married, and she had two kids with a jewel designer Jennifer Meyer, whom he separated from in 2016. 

Later, Andrew and Emma found themselves in an identical situation. It was the Amazing Spider-Man co-stars, who played Peter ParkerGwen Stacy was his long-term girlfriend. They dated four years together after they met on the set. In 2015, Gwen and he announced their split. 

Their split has seen the Cruella star went on to marry director Dave McCary in 2020 and welcomed a baby girl with him in March. Andrew was able to reflect on the time he spent shooting. Amazing Spider-Man Films, storytelling Variety it “was only beautiful.”

Emma came to visit me and she allowed me to do some work together. Sally FieldHe told the outlet. I had karma and Amy Pascal was my mother, so we would sometimes fight. But ultimately we were able to love each other deeply.”