Jennifer LopezI am setting the record straight on her feelings towards her boyfriend Ben AffleckRecent comments by’about his marriage to an ex-wife. Jennifer Garner.

SiriusXM’s December 14 episode Howard Stern Show, the actor spoke about his feelings about their relationship prior to their 2015 split and his alcohol addiction and journey to sobriety, saying, “I was trapped. The truth is, I felt trapped. So what do you do? “I tried to do the following: I drank a bottle Scotch and fell asleep on my couch.

Affleck received a lot of criticism on social media, as well as from some media outlets for his comments. Following the backlash, reports claimed J.Lo herself was offended by them. Comments were made to People and posted on Saturday, Dec. 18, the singer and actress said, “This story is simply not true” and “it is not how I feel.”