If you feel like your flooring choices wear down much faster than they should do, you might want to upgrade them to something a little more substantial. Carpet looks and feels fantastic but the wrong wears down exceptionally fast and can leave you with damage on your floors. Here are some of the best long-wearing floors out there on the market.


Obviously, stone is one of the best floors out there in terms of durability. It would be a fantastic and stylish option for a kitchen or sitting room. Seek out reclaimed stone if you are eco-minded. You can often find some amazing stone from your local area. If you are concerned about the floors being cold, think about adding underfloor heating or sourcing some cosy rugs. Whether you are including it in a modern property or an older one, stone is sure to make for a stunning addition to a room.


Brilliant for hallways, bathrooms, and kitchens, tiled flooring is a great way to inject a little personality into a place where you might not expect it. There are many older houses which have tiled floors as part of their structure. Restoring these could be a beautiful addition to your home if you have one. If not, you could always buy some amazing tiles and create your own floor. There are so many cultures out there which have used tiles that there is a wealth of styles and heritage for you to pull from.


Wood has been one of the most popular floor materials for many years and it is an excellent choice for you if you are searching for something long-lasting. If you are searching for a floor which is exceptionally durable, you should buy engineered floors. These are wooden floors which have been treated to stand against scratches and other types of damage. You should seriously consider investing in this or another type of real hardwood flooring for maximum protection.


Steel is an unusual choice for a residential property but it could make for an eye-catching feature in a modern home. Use it sparingly for the most impact. It will be very easy to take care of and clean, but you will not be able to heat it like you would with stone or tiled flooring. This is why we would recommend it for a small feature only and not for a general building material.

Your floors are one of the most used parts of a room and yet so many people neglect them. If you are worried about how fast your floor is wearing through, you might want to consider looking for a different material to replace it with. Any one of the options above could be a sensible choice depending on which room it is going in. Think about the high-traffic areas of your house and what they need in terms of a flooring solution. Wood, carpet, stone, or something new? All of these could be a great option for you and your home.

Image: Pixabay