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Tyler HoechlinHe is set to be his partner Teen Wolf co-stars in the upcoming Paramount+ movie, due out later this year. The actor will reprise his role as Derek Hale and serve as executive producer alongside Tyler PoseyScott McCall stars in the movie.

A majority of the original cast members are returning for the film, including Crystal Reed,Shelley Hennig,Orny AdamHolland Roden Dylan SprayberryColton HaynesJR BourneRyan KelleyAnd Melissa Ponzio. Tyler also has an uncle who is on screen Ian Bohen will once again antagonist Peter Hale.

While Dylan O’Brien declined the opportunity to revive his character, Stiles Stilinski, his on-screen dad Linden Ashby will bring back Sheriff Stilinski. 

O’Brien previously said that he loved working with the cast but was apprehensive about revisiting the series. O’Brien said, “The show could not be more dear” Variety.“It was the very first thing that I did, along with so many other people who are dear to my heart. This was something that I tried to do work, but it happened quickly.”