Ciao lovebirds!

A blissful Harry StylesAnd Olivia Wilde were spotted on a romantic vacation in Italy earlier this week.

CelebHomes News photos show the happy couple in beachwear as they enjoy the sounds and sights (and maybe the wine and pasta!) of the beautiful country.

Harry wore color-block shorts with white T-shirts printed with “Jamaica” and sailboats. Olivia wore a white blouse under a cream-colored jacket and finished her look with cutoff jeans shorts.

CelebHomes News eyewitness said that Harry and Olivia “felt very at ease with one another and seemed loved up.” “Harry also took time to speak with some fans who recognized him.” In a chivalrous move, Harry also helped Olivia with her bags as they walked up a hill, the eyewitness added. 

Harry is on holiday with the couple before he releases his much-anticipated album. Harry’s HouseIt was May 20, 2012. After her notorious appearance at CinemaCon, it marks Olivia’s first sighting with Harry.