Kim Cattrall has traded cosmos for martinis on her new TV gig.

Peacock has released multiple photos of the former Sex and the CityThe star Yellowjackets‘ Juliette LewisBoth will appear as guest stars on the highly anticipated NBCU streaming services’ highly anticipated Queer as Folk reboot.

Cattrall portrays Brenda, an adoptive mother of Brodie characters (played b by Devin WayJulian (played By) Ryan O’Connell). Peacock describes Brenda as a “martini-soaked southern debutant with roots in trailer parks,”

Meanwhile, Lewis portrays Judy, the mom of Mingus (played by Fin ArgusShe is “a single mom that is closer to her child than she is to her son.”

Preview images of Cattrall, Lewis and their children comforting one another and Cattrall tease Cattrall about a karaoke scene.

Queer as FolkA vibrant reimagining and American remake of the British drama series, “The Remarkables” explores the life of New Orleans friends who have their lives changed after a tragic event. Creator Stephen Dunn, the show also stars Devin Way, Jesse James Keitel, CG HacksJohnny Sibilly.

Queer as Folk premieres on Peacock on June 9, 2022. Look at the photos below.