Recent surveys of homeowners have shown that rather than having a luxurious kitchen, they want a simple one. 79% of new homeownersA lawn is a valuable asset.

It is more essential than ever to have your own outdoor space. This has been proven by my experience during the two recent pandemics. If you have a lawn you need to maintain it.

What are the best places to start? The best thing to do is choose the correct fertilizer type for your lawn.

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Essential Fertilizer Nutrients

Your lawn requires six nutrients to flourish: nitrogen, oxygen carbon, hydrogen and phosphorous.

When you water your lawn, it will receive oxygen and carbon through the combination of hydrogen and air. What’s lacking, though, is nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which is where fertilizer comes in.

No matter which fertilizer type you select, all must include these ingredients. You can promote stem and leaf growth with nitrogen. Phosphorous helps plants grow. And potassium is a catalyst for growth.

Numerous fertilizers also include calcium, iron and copper.

Organic Fertilizer vs. inorganic

Before you can choose the right fertilizer for your garden, it is important to understand what organic fertilizer and synthetic fertilizer are.

Organic fertilizers can be made using naturally occurring organic material such as plant meal or composted manure. It can take several weeks to get the nutrients from organic fertilizers to slowly release to plants.

Organic fertilizer should be used in autumn so your lawn can thrive in spring. The best benefit of organic fertilizer is its ability to stimulate microorganisms within your soil. It will also provide all necessary micronutrients for your lawn, which is one the most important benefits.

Synthetic fertilizer can be made using chemically treated raw materials. You can apply it to your soil at any time, even when it is still cold, since it is usually water-soluble.

You can use it to give your plants a boost. But, not enough can lead to damage. Organic fertilizer stimulates soil the same way as synthetic fertilizer.

How do you choose a fertiliser?

Before you can choose the fertilizer that is right for your lawn, it’s important to test its soil. Next, determine what nutrients are needed for your lawn.

Three numbers will be printed on all fertilizers. These numbers indicate the order in which the nutrients are distributed.

Most fertilizers that are 5-5-5 will supply all of the nutrients your lawn requires. If your lawn is lacking in any of the three nutrients, you might want to use a fertilizer that contains a greater percentage, like a 5-5-5.

If you prefer to have it done by professionals, consider hiring fertilization service providers

This article will help you to choose the best type of fertilizer.

You want your lawn healthy and happy in spring, summer, and fall. You can make that happen by choosing the correct fertilizer.

Make sure to use these tips, and you’ll have a green lawn in no time.

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