Christina PerriFamily is growing joyfully for ”.

The “Jar of Hearts” singer revealed that she is expecting a baby together with her husband Paul CostabileHere she is, 2 years after her devastating loss of her infant daughter. Rosie.

In a sweet video posted to Instagram on May 23, the couple’s 4-year-old daughter Carmella Opens up a gift tied with pink bow. You will find sonogram images of her unborn sibling inside.

“Rosie sent Carmella a little sister and we’re very excited,” Christina captioned the clip. “We have been feeling all of the emotions, but most importantly trying everyday to choose joy.

The video ends with the dad beaming and the daughter being showered with confetti. Carmella then adorably kisses the bump of her mother.

Christina, 35 and Paul, TKAGE tied the knot in December 2017. They welcomed their daughter a month later. Christina revealed in January 2020 that she’d suffered an untimely miscarriage after 11 weeks of her second pregnancy.