Due to the pandemic, the couple’s wedding has had to be delayed twice. Which moments do they look forward to most? Jordan’s most memorable moment is when they walk in the reception together as husband and wife for the first-time. JoJo is eagerly awaiting her father’s speech as well as her first glimpse with Jordan. 

We never liked the idea that a first glance would be necessary. It was something we opposed, she explained. After talking about the matter and realizing that it was a very intimate first glance between him and me, I feel that this is something that’s special to my heart. It is likely that it will be one of those moments where I cry before the wedding begins. It’s not clear if this is a good thing. However, I am really excited.”

JoJo and Jordan were in love during season 12. Bachelorette in 2016, which ended with him proposing with a diamond ring. He proposed again three years later with a brand new sparkling ring. JoJo claimed that the original is still in her safe.

CelebHomes News’ She said that it was so important to her because it is our whole story and how we met. It could be passed down to a son or daughter or reshaped into a necklace. I don’t want it to go, it’s so precious and a reminder of our history. This ring is beautiful.