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TikTok’s beauty advice section isn’t the only thing you do. Celebrities do it too. You can ask Lizzo. The Grammy Award winner posted, “I saw a TikTok about the order in which you put your skincare on. I cannot find it. This item was in my Favorites, so I lost it. But I will try to find it. After looking at another’s TikTok she felt inspired to share her personal skincare routine with all her followers.

Before the video, she washed her skin with an unspecified cleanser. She then revealed her 5 current products and said, “Wow! If I did this every single day, it would make me unstoppable.” It is quite relatable. It is understandable that she was unsure how to use the Gua Sha skincare tool.

Lizzo has a secret to glowing skin. See her recommendations.