Ben StillerWhen it comes to his pal, he has nothing but positive things to say Pete Davidson

It Zoolander Visited by actor 56 Howard Stern Show on Wednesday, Feb. 23, and shared the reason why he believes the 28-year-old comedian has become so popular and found himself having such an incredible “moment in time right now.” Spoiler alert! It’s not just due to his celebrity-studded relationship history. 

“[Pete’s]Stiller said that Stiller was an “incredibly sweet boy.” “He is so friendly. He got such a charisma. He’s funny, he’s really funny, but he has become really famous, I think, for—” 

Stern interjected and added, “Dating!”  

“Yes,” Stiller agreed. “And being on [Saturday Night Live].” 

Continuing to compliment his friend, Stiller added that Davidson’s kind personality, natural charm and hard work ethic, as seen on SNL, has left a strong impression on the world and led the King of Staten Island star, who is currently dating Kim KardashianTo be a household word.