1. This production company also created Married at First SightCelebHomes News was told by Coelen that she also hosts reality show relationships. Love is BlindIt was “a combination of many things we have learned over many different relationships shows.” This was based on the question, “If you start with pure love and were focused on who this person is, can that love endure the tests of time?”

2. The pods portion of the experiment lasted about 10 days,  with 40-50 hopeful singles part of the initial cast. Some singles had to be let go during the 10-day filming. 

Coelen stated that there was a time when the pods were too full. This allowed us to concentrate on people who are really connected and gave them more time. We ended up with about 20-25 people living in pods by that time.”

3. Speed-dating was the first way to meet singles. Everyone spent 8-10 minutes each with the person in the opposite gender. As they could not communicate beyond the pods, no limits were placed on whom you could talk with, for how long or what time.