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Color Wow Dream Coat Sunatural Spray Reviews

Amazon customer shares, “My hair does not look as if it’s ever seen any chemicals” The hair is so shiny and soft that I cannot stop touching it. It is simply amazing. “I will never be the same without this gem!”

One customer asked “What holy water?” The hype was just as strong as 98% for all hair products. It was not what I thought. My hair feels silky smooth.

Another user said, “I want to buy this product by the gallon.” I have had my hair transformed by this product. It stays put for up to 3-4 washes. Because I work out at night and sweat, my naturally frizzy hair is prone to frizz. This has stopped 99.9% humidity from my hair. It makes my hair feel silky, smooth and soft. This has reduced my time spent in the bathroom preparing hair for washing. I’ve received many compliments on my hair! There are no other products that you need besides hair spray. You can buy the product, purchase it and then buy it. Worth it, worth it, worth it!”

“Oh. Muh. Gawd. 5 minutes. It took only 5 minutes to get my hair straightened from curl to straight! It has never been possible for me to achieve such incredible results so quickly! And did I mention that it took only five minutes to accomplish this? It is lightweight, shiny, and soft. It can withstand high humidity, multiple washes, and will not break down. It was easy to do and it’s been difficult for me,” the shopper exclaimed.

A fan of the spray else reviewed, “I am in love and I don’t care who knows it! The product is fantastic. My thick, coarse hair looks as great today as day 1. Living in the South, I am exposed to humidity and baseball caps.

This product is amazing. I have a problem with frizzy hair due to humidity in Florida. Over the years, I’ve tried many hair products before finding WOW Dream Coat. You won’t be disappointed if you buy this product, a friend shared.

One shopper commented, “I am just amazed at how this product performs.” This is the best product you can buy for shine, softness and humidity proofing. It even has style hold!

This product is amazing! This liquid spray can achieve amazing results with curly hair that is biracial. A customer described it as a soft, dry curl.

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