11. Although Lady Edith Crawley would eventually become her iconic role, Laura CarmichaelShe almost did not attend the audition.

She was the star of a tour production Shakespeare’s. Twelfth nightCarmichael acknowledged to Tribune News ServiceIt was going to be one-line, I think. However, it’d be helpful to list that you worked for telly on your resume. It was then that I realized, “I will have to decline this dream Shakespeare job for TV.” It was a complete disaster.

12. 2012. Gillian Anderson revealed she turned down the part of Cora Crawley, with Elizabeth McGovern ultimately playing Downton’s American heiress-turned-Countess of Grantham. 

13. For more information, please visit: Vanity Fair Queen Elizabeth IIHe was a big fan of the show, and would actually check it out for himself. Brian Hoey of At Home with the Queen said that she loves finding the “faults” in the show. People. According to star, Prince William was also a fan of the series. Allan Leech.

I shook his hands and he replied, “I am a big fan, but only now my wife’s having a baby.” Live Streaming: See What HappensIn 2013. He has a lot to do, so [Kate]He’s watching it. ‘You’re going to watch it with me!'”