What do actual Amazon customers think of these cooling towels These reviews will help you decide. 

These handy, dandy “chilly” towels were essential for our Disney World adventure. These towels helped us stay cool during the entire day. The bandanas were worn around the necks of my children, while my daughters wore them on their foreheads. At one point I wrapped one around my hip to cool down my burning legs.

I was initially skeptical as cooling towels can dry stiffly, making it difficult for them to be folded and stored well. These are much more manageable! They are great! I love the color and feel of them. I would buy them again and recommend them to friends.

It works amazingly well. They are truly a blessing from God. These towels were bought for my July Disney trip (It has to have been cooler than Disney in July). I soaked them overnight and then placed them in their little zipper bags. After a few hours of being in the sun, I pulled one out and it was still cool. It felt great over my sunburnt shoulders and helped to cool me down. One was wrapped around the neck of my child to cool her in her stroller. I tucked her shirt into it. These were amazing. Would definitely recommend for anyone who’s going to be in the heat, working out or for hot flashes.” 

These towels were recommended by my family doctor because “I get heat strokes, headaches, and other symptoms when it gets too warm.” It’s a great product. Plus, these cloths come with four ziplock-style plastic bags with their own clips/carabiners. This cloth is great for long hikes, or to relieve migraine headaches.

These were ordered for maintenance workers and I ended up buying another set for myself. These are great. Keeps you cool for at least three hours in the Florida heat before needing to add more water to cool it down again. Even freezes well to help keep your cool.

I bought them for a Disney World trip that gets very hot and humid in August. Similar products had been available to me, but I was not sure whether they were worth the effort. However, they do work. Simply soak it in warm water and squeeze the excess out. Then, you can either shake it or snap it several times before putting it on your skin. The cooling sensation is evident. It works. I have no idea how. It felt like 110°F with high humidity. These towels made it bearable waiting for the sun to set. It was also very effective at absorbing sweat, and helped to remove any stickiness.

They saved our life at Disney World, even on record-breaking heat days. Every time we go to Disney, they are our favorite place. These were our first use of them and we won’t go to Disney without them! They kept us and our toddler, as well as our infant, cool. After about an hour of intense Florida heat it will start to dry. However, you can still wet it in WARM water again and keep it cool. The effort is well-worth it.