“Prayer works,” shared he. “I will pray for you all, please pray for me. Let us pray together.”

Diddy, when he reflected on his childhood memories, recalled visions that encouraged him to aim for the stars. Diddy said that he simply closed his eyes and dreamed, and he saw the things awaiting him. He said, “I was aware that I needed to put in a lot of effort.”

He said, “I needed to be focused. It was important to me that I get focused because it is vital. “And we’re not here just to be ourselves. We here for our ancestrals, feel me?”

The artist revealed then his future “new dreams”.

“I dream about our unification. “Not just talking on the podium for us,” he said. We know our friends and community. Be with us if you don’t feel secure. You can put money into the game and still win. You know what I mean? We all want to be happy.”

Diddy concluded his speech by declaring that he was going to give $1 million to Howard University, his alma mater, and another million for his football coach. Deion SandersJackson State University and “because we should have him play for us.”

Diddy expressed his gratitude, saying “Thank you everybody from the bottom of mine.” I love you all. Peace.”