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While we wait to watch the world’s greatest athletes compete at the Beijing 2022 Olympics, we’ve decided to get in the spirit with some of our favorite movies about, well, sports. We are eager to see the Winter Games, which will begin next month. Margot RobbieIn I, TonyaDramatic retellings of Tonya HardingThe rise and fall of ice skating.

Are you looking for laughter? It’s always possible to see the funny side of things. Will Ferrell And Jon HederIn Blades of GloryThey play an unorthodox ice skating couple in

If you are unable to attend the Summer Games you can throw your support behind you Space Jam, which stars NBA superstar and former Olympic gold medalist Michael Jordan As he Cartoon aliens are defeated. You can even find a sequel! Lebron James.

You can always binge Take it or leave itIt’s not likely that you will be able to do any flips while watching the show. Simone Biles. There are biopics of some Olympic champions. So it’s safe to say these films and TV shows will get you in the mood for the international sporting event.