Note: Warning! This article discusses sexual assault and rape as well as drug use.

Chris BrownIn a new case, he was accused of sexual assault.

CelebHomes News has obtained court records that show that the singer, aged 32, is being sued. Jane Doe (identified only as Jane Doe) claims that Brown raped her on a yacht docked close to her home. DiddyFlorida, December 30, 2020.

Amid the allegations, Brown took to Instagram Story to send a message to his followers. I HOPE YOU ALL SEE THIS PATTERN. [CAP]He said, “It is a lie,” in reference to that term. “Whenever I release music or projects, ‘THEY’ try to pull some really bulls-–t.” He then followed the note up with a photograph of himself smiling with his arms crossed. CelebHomes News reached Brown’s manager as well as an attorney who has represented him before for comment, but was not able to get back.

According to the court filings, Brown invited her to join Brown on the yacht while she was on FaceTime with a friend. Brown, she claims, grabbed the phone from her and told her about his music. He then urged her “to head to Diddy’s home at Star island.”

The woman claims that Brown met her at the boat’s dock and offered her a red cup with mixed drinks.