CelebHomes walks down the aisle Paris Hilton

Peacock recently aired the story of the socialite on her journey to marriage. Paris, the City of LoveCelebHomes will now have the show in 13 parts. 

The premiere will be at 10 p.m. on Wednesday, February 2nd. This immediately follows a brand new episode. Ranch Rules: Relatively famousThe first episode Paris, the City of LoveGet ready to dive into the madness of wedding planning. Expect to see not only Paris, but her husband-to-be Carter ReumAnd her mother Kathy HiltonCelebHomes News previously heard from Veronica that Carter could be somewhat of a “groomzilla”. 

“I’m in it a lot more than I planned on being in it,” Kathy joked of the reality TV show back in November on CelebHomes News’ Daily Pop. “I assumed I’d be doing very little. “I thought that you would see me taking my daughter to registration, getting her wedding gown and other normal tasks. It’s been full-time work. It’s almost as fulfilling as her.