No one wants to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on home improvements just to find they get no return on their investment. The goal with any renovation project is to create a more comfortable and appealing living environment for you and your family, while also increasing the value of your property. With this in mind, here are four home improvements that will give you the highest return in the long-run.

1. Remodel your kitchen 

A quality modern kitchen is at the top of most buyers property wish list. While a new kitchen may seem expensive, it is a reliable way to instantly boost your home’s value and make your property appeal more to potential buyers. Improving your kitchen can also create a more enjoyable living space by improving daily activities like cooking, eating meals with family, and hosting dinner parties for friends. According to information on the payback for a kitchen remodeling project is 80.5% and has remained consistent since 2014. A cheaper alternative is to replace your cabinet doors or countertops – this will instantly freshen up your kitchen and make the space appear more modern and stylish. 

2. Build a granny flat or outdoor studio

Building a granny flat or outdoor studio in the backyard of your property is a fantastic investment that offers many benefits. This includes – providing secure accommodation for an elderly family member, and offering a consistent source of extra income should you decide to rent out the space. You could also use the additional space as an office, hobby room, or even convert it into a home gym. Having this additional self-contained structure is likely to be a key selling point when you come to sell your home and should therefore increase the value of your property. You can check out Bibo Build for a huge selection of stylish granny flats and outdoor studios. 

3. Do some landscaping 

Sprucing up your yard is a relatively inexpensive way to instantly improve your curb appeal and boost the value of your property. Having an unkempt or untidy home exterior is likely to give potential buyers a negative impression of what the inside of your home is going to be like and may even put them off making an offer. Even a bit of key yard maintenance can make a big difference and professional landscaping is the perfect way to create the all important first impression. You can get plenty of inspiration for outdoor projects and landscaping ideas online or in gardening magazines. 

4. Modernize the bathroom 

Like kitchens, most buyers want a property with a modern stylish bathroom already fitted. While complete bathroom remodels can be expensive, there are plenty of small and affordable improvements that can make your bathroom look more stylish. This includes – upgrading old fixtures, replacing missing or cracked tiles, switching from a shower curtain to a glass door, and giving your bathroom a deep cleanse. If your budget allows, then replacing carpet with laminate and upgrading to a roll top bathtub are both great ways to instantly modernize a bathroom and make your home appeal more to potential buyers.