An uninspiring office space can be a killer for motivation. It’s probably why so many companies are now taking work space design seriously and creating stunning office spaces for their employees. From virtual reality rooms to incredible kitchens, these offices have it all and are sure to give you office envy.

Microsoft Detroit

As one of the biggest businesses on the plant, Microsoft’s new Detroit office space was always destined to be something special. Located in downtown Detroit’s growing tech hub, Microsoft’s regional technology and training center now works out of the fifth floor of One Campus Martius. 

Microsoft have created a space for their workers that is second to none. The Technology Center features a super-cool augmented/virtual reality room and the employee area even has its own tech support counter. 

Exposed ceilings and wood wall panels all help to create a warm, industrial feel inside that’s complemented by the work of local artists and bespoke 3D wall mural. The new Microsoft offices certainly don’t disappoint! 

You can easily transform your office space through the help of accredited, architectural experts such as Neumann/ Smith Architecture, for example, who will work with you every step of the way to make your vision become a reality. 

JACK Entertainment

Urban gaming company JACK Entertainment decided to take on a whole new challenge when moving their headquarters to the Greektown district of downtown Detroit. They wanted to create a modern office space inside a building that’s been standing since 1868.

The gamble paid off and the former four-story school was transformed into a five-story workspace and offices. 

The building boasts a light and modern interior that truly compliments the new layout inside this magnificent building. Glass panels divide off meeting rooms that contain leather sofas and huge flat screen TVs while the kitchen is filled with industrial size microwave ovens and refrigerators. There’s even a small stage in the open plan office area too.

Art Van Furniture

Created in a former warehouse, the Art Van Furniture office is full of style and space.

With so much room to play with it would have been easy to fill it with rows of desks and closed off offices. However, they have cleverly used the space to its maximum potential by putting in conference rooms with glass sliding doors and hoteling stations to provide employees with a breath of fresh air. 

On the more extravagant side, Art Van Furniture included faux gold leaf wall coverings and stunning wood lattice dividing screens that create chilled break out areas. We’d expect nothing less from such a stylish brand.  

The Skillman Foundation

Only two words are needed to describe this fantastically fun office space – minimal and colorful. The Skillman Foundation were considering moving their office but once you see the views they have you can see why they stayed and renovated instead.

Inside the historic building that sits alongside the Detroit Riverwalk, the first thing that hits you is the amount of natural light that pours in through the windows. Large open spaces create a relaxed feel with the odd sculpture adding a playful feel to the office. 

Additions to the core workspace include two kitchens, wellness rooms and a patio space for social gatherings. Many of the original materials were recycled during the revamp helping to boost their eco-credentials. This space is definitely somewhere you’d love coming to work in.