Tom ParkerI can let out a sigh.

The Wanted artist took to Instagram on Wednesday, Nov. 3 to share the good news that his health is improving more than a year after he was diagnosed with stage four glioblastoma. He wrote, along with a family photo, “I’m sat there with tears in mine eyes as i tell You. My brain tumour is under control. We had the results from my latest scan…and I’m delighted to say it is STABLE.”

Tom shared that he feels “such a mixture of emotions” since receiving this update. “We couldn’t have asked for more at this point; about a year into this journey. It was truly an amazing experience. He added, “We can rest a little better tonight.” “Thank you for all of your love and support over these past 12+ months.

The musician shared his diagnosis at first, saying he was “terminal.” However, his condition has greatly improved since he started radiotherapy and chemotherapy.