This is how you do itPam’s Best Thing star Glenn Fleshler: Soon you’re going to want to “scream at your TV.”

The Renée Zellweger-led true crime series—alsoStarring Josh Duhamel, Judy Greer, Katy Mixon and Fleshler—premieres March 8 on NBC. But before we watch the unbelievable true story come to life on our small screens, the cast gave CelebHomes News an exclusive sneak peek at what’s to come.

It Thing About Pam“It is based upon one of the most beloved Dateline episodes ever,” Zellweger explains. It deals with the case regarding the death of Betsy FariaIn her house in 2011 for which Russell was convicted.

She continues, “We are doing a deep dive into the absurdity of Pam’s interpretation of events.”

The Oscar nominee explains that what she finds most interesting is that “the events surrounding this case, and the people involved at each turn, breach the parameters we have established for normalcy.”

Mixon said that the show is “one of those things you would not believe if it wasn’t true” and Duhamel described it as “one thing that you wouldn’t believe if that weren’t true”.

She adds, “I feel emotional when I think about this.”