We already know this, but we are still searching. Suki WaterhouseAnd Rob PattinsonTo be quite the cape-tivating couple. We were officially made to stan after we heard this tale.

Because while it’s safe to assume that your heart would be pounding out of your chest while watching an action-packed thriller like Batman, Waterhouse was left in tears—something that her boyfriend and the film’s leading man wasn’t expecting, he exclusively told CelebHomes News.

Pattinson exclaimed, “It was such a wonderful surprise.” BatmanNew York, Film premiered on March 1. “Very, very touching.”

Waterhouse and director Matt ReevesPattinson had not seen the movie in its entirety so it was a big deal to see such strong emotions. “You kind of never really know how people are going to react to movies,” the actor added. And I was like, “Wow. “It was extremely, very touching.”

Batman premiere marked another big moment for Pattinson, as he revealed it’d be his first time seeing the film with an audience.