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TikTok is full of beauty tips and tricks. You may have seen lots of discussion about face shaving and facial oils. If you have ever wondered what products actually do for skin or what happens after a review of one, then The Skinny Confidential is the place to be. Lauryn Evarts BosstickShe is available to share all her beauty tips and secrets with you. 

The Skinny Confidential’s first skin care tool, THE HOT MESSICE ROLLER in 2021 was a huge success. But that was not an overnight success. Lauryn told CelebHomes, “In 2015, I had double jaw surgery and after using a generic ice roller to help with swelling, I saw a gap in the market— an opportunity to bring a solution to people who were sick of waking up with bloat, puff or wine face after too much chilled rosé. “I set out to make a brand new one with (pink) Skinny Confidential flair.”

He stressed that he was involved in all details, there are multiple calls per week, some up to an hour long, on the topic of what they’re doing and that this brand is community driven. Every single thing we release will be very niche—I want it to be very specific to my community.”

The Skinny Confidential products currently focus on inflammation, a topic that Lauryn has experienced personally. She explained, “I noticed so many people feel inflamed in the face, whether that’s because of a rosé hangover, they slept on their face wrong or they had some kind of surgery or a cosmetic procedure.”

Lauryn says that having beautiful skin is better than great makeup. In an exclusive interview, Lauryn shares her thoughts, tips and tricks on the latest invention, the PINK BAGS FACE MASSAGER. CelebHomes News interview.