Bible—Khloe KardashianFeeling blessed.

On June 20, a source told PeopleKhloe was just beginning a relationship with a private investor.

One day later, they were gone. KardashiansStar posted a video to Instagram Stories to show gratitude for her life, but did not explicitly mention her romantic relationship.

SometimesYou have to take the time to really reflect on your blessings, this post was published June 21. Every day, be grateful.

Now, it’s not new territory to see Khloe sharing inspirational mantras on the ‘gram, but this time the 37-year-old has a new special someone to be grateful for.

CelebHomes News revealed that Khloe was dating a financial advisor who she first met at a dinner party through several weeks. Kim Kardashian.

Although Khloe is yet to make a public comment about her romance, she has shared a message of gratitude. Khloe shared two additional quotes on love and kindness over the weekend.