Chris Hemsworth didn’t need an otherworldly diet in order play the God of Thunder.

A part of his preparations for the most recent Thor installment Love and ThunderWith trainer James “Duffy” GaverChris described a varied diet.

He exclusively shared his breakfast ideas with CelebHomes News. “For breakfast would be three to four eggs and a fistful rice, or a fistful vegetables or both.” Daily Pop on June 21. It would then be chicken, vegetables, and rice a few hours later. Next meal would be steak, vegetables rice—fish, vegetables, rice.”

Luckily, his effort was all worth it for a cheat day. He shared, “Pizza is a big deal for me,” at 38 years old. “I love hamburgers. Ice cream is a big one, chocolate—it’s all the obvious stuff.”

Before beginning prep for the film, Chris fell in love with writer, director and co-star Taikia Waititi‘s script—which sees Thor face the villainous Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale)—upon first read.