Those Tyler Perry movies may get tedious. But, a house that’s generously priced for what it has to offer never gets old. Tyler Perry, or as you may know him best as Madea, directed a new comedy/drama The Single Moms Club. It was released on March 14. Of course, he’ll be in the movie as well. To our surprise, Perry will actually be playing a character that isn’t an old tough-headed granny. In the movie, The Singles Moms Club, there’s a house that’s featured which can be mistaken for an office building. Standing white, tall, and wide at 4,043 sq ft, who can blame anyone? It’s up for the taking for $1.295 million.

Besides the highly fair amount of living space, the floor plan of 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms add to the real estate welcome basket. It sits on 1 acre and was built in 2007. The second floor serene balcony is already visible to one’s eye. Once you step inside, you would have a whole different outlook on the two-story Atlanta, GA estate. It looks like a large art studio, with simple white flights of stairs, white walls, and…..well….mostly white anything. Amenities include fireplace, furnished kitchen, office, BBQ area, centralized A/C, and attached parking. And, sure enough, an art studio room.

Address: 890 Courtenay Dr NE, Atlanta GA 30306