Fink stated that Cook thought this was the best course of action. Fink also wrote that Cook said to her: “The only humane thing to do is to get ’em out .”’.”

Was there anything that happened to the bodies after they were discovered?

A state investigation was launched into the mysterious death toll of Memorial. Dr. Pou, nurses and others were notified. Cheri Landry Lori Budo were arrested in July 2006 in connection with the deaths of four LifeCare patients, as reported by the New York Times, who wrote that the charges against the nurses were later dropped in exchange for their testimony against Dr. Pou. (Landry & Budo have not publicly commented on this case.

Pou was being held at gunpoint by her attorney. Rick SimmonsPou claimed that she was innocent and said Pou was doing her job. Simmons said that she had volunteered to storm duty, and was there for five consecutive days. The New York TimesIn July 2007, the State of Louisiana “abandoned the patients, the hospitals, and everyone else”

In July 2007, a grand jury refused to indict Dr. Pou on one count of second-degree murder and nine counts of conspiracy to commit second-degree murder, according to Fink, as they couldn’t definitively say that Pou had “a specific intent to kill.” They were removed from Pou’s criminal record.

Pou returned to medicine in September 2018. Fink posted on her website: “She was practicing medicine as an oncologic head and neck surgeon in Louisiana since the summer 2022.”