This friendship has not seen the sun set.

Jason OppenheimAndChrishell StauseWhile there might be an ex, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have bad blood.Selling Sunset stars. Jason and Chrishell are both currently in new relationships.

While you chat with CelebHomes News @ Netflix Day ShiftJason will be the premiere date model on 8/10/2010 Marie Lou NurkHe confirmed with Chrishell that he was available to meet up. G FlipAs couples.

He said, “It’s possible,” Chrishell loves to have dinner and G likes it. It’s possible. It could be done.

He said, “I’m in. Chrishell, if you’re in, I’m in.”

Jason was not surprised to be open to it. Chrishell did have a surprise birthday bash at Catch Steak Los Angeles, hosted by the real estate broker.