Per an Aug. 3 defendants’ trial brief obtained by CelebHomes News, the county of Los Angeles argued that Vanessa’s lawsuit is without legal merit. J. Mira HamshallL.A. County’s attorney, David Platt, supported the use of photographs at the accident site in the opening statements on Aug. 10. He said it was essential to the investigation, and authorities had worked diligently to ensure they were kept confidential.

“They aren’t online. They are not on the internet. She said that they have never been seen by plaintiffs.” Per Associated Press. It isn’t an accident. It is an indication of their diligence.”

After learning they had been stored on smartphones and computers, she said that the deputy showing the images of crash scenes to the bartender also experienced a moment of weakness. L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva ordered the removal of all photos.

Vanessa’s attorney was there to assist her during the trial’s opening remarks on Aug. 10. Luis LiThe jury was told by the lawyer that those who took and shared these photos had “poured salt into an unhealable injury.” The lawyer stated that they took photos of burned flesh and limbs. Rolling Stone. “It shocks my conscience.”

Vanessa, who has been attending the courtroom proceedings since the start of the trial, is seeking damages for emotional distress in her suit