A baking war can help Cheryl HinesAnd Rachael HarrisResolve their problems?

CelebHomes’s new series of competitions features longtime friends and actresses going head-to-head on Aug. 2. Celebrity Beef Hosting by Joel McHale. Harris will be revealing details about their ongoing beef production before their cupcake-making battle.

According to Harris, their disagreements stem from Hines’ tendency to say “yes to everything.”

“She can’t say no, she wants to take care of everybody,” the Lucifer star told CelebHomes News exclusively. She is a tireless worker trying to help everyone and that’s admirable, but it can also lead her into trouble. “I’m not going to invite that person to Thanksgiving,” she says. I disagree. I think it is better to be a bit guilty than to resent others. She then says “Oh God, it’s better to feel a little guilty than resent them.”

Harris shared her past experiences, saying, “I went to my mom’s Thanksgiving dinner with my children and she said, “Oh, God, why did you invite that person?” And the only person she can talk to and bitch about it is me because it’s a family person.”