You can read reviews by UGG customers if you want more information before buying.

UGG Fluff You Reviews

One customer stated that “these are my most comfortable shoes!” 

One other said that they were comfortable and fun shoes.

Another reviewer said, “These are comfortable, and I love that you can wear them inside or outside.” They matched my outfits perfectly and I ordered two pairs. They are comfortable and fashionable at the same moment. UGG, Yay!

One other person also shared their opinion: “I wear these indoors AND out!” They’re so comfortable, and pair well with casual shorts and other summer wear ……

One customer said, “I love my Uggs. I have many.” Although the slip-on is adorable, I have only worn it once since receiving them. These will be my next pair of shoes after the surgery. I have another slide style in 3 different colors and they are comfortable to wear now. Thanks!”

“These are the best shoes ever! They’re so comfortable and warm. Every time I wear them, I receive so many compliments. These boots are fashionable and can be worn with any style. An UGG customer reviewed the pair, saying that she bought two pairs of them and plans to purchase more.

One person shared that the slippers were so cute and comfortable. The slippers almost make me feel as if I am walking on air. The best pair of slippers yet!”

An UGG shopper wrote, “I got the Cali ones and red ones that’s how much I like them so comfortable, cozy yet stylish looks good with few skirts, jumpsuits, jeans and shorts. These are not only for men.

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