We all know about celebrities’ wealth in LA and New York City. Are there other great cities? New Orleans is one of the most popular cities in America. You’ll find some of the most charming mansions that celebrities use when they need a break from Hollywood. We’ve selected three celebrity New Orleans homes as our favorites.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie

Naturally, the world’s biggest actors tend to base in Hollywood, where they have easy access to work. What happens when a film is made abroad?Many stars will opt to purchase homes in strategic locations across the USA.

Although now legally single, they’ve long shared a beautiful property in New Orleans. This was a matter of convenience because it’s where movies like Twelve Years as a SlaveAnd Benjamin Button: The Curious Case were made. This home is in the picturesque French Quarter and measures an incredible 7,400 square-foot – just enough space for the couple’s six children.

Nicolas Cage

One of Hollywood’s most beloved actors, you may be surprised that California-born Noclas Cage has his mansion in New Orleans. He’s long been a fan of this city and even claims that he wants it to be the place where he spends his final days. According to rumors, Cage may have already booked his place in the cemetery.

Nicolas Cage was known for living in Madame Delphine LaLaurie’s property in New Orleans, where he is a serial killer who lived between the 18th century and the 19th century. He’s moved on from this property now, perhaps due to the tortured enslaved people who haunt it. Cage is still committed to New Orleans life.

Lil Wayne

American rappers are loyal to one area. Lil Wayne loves New Orleans, and isn’t involved in the east coast-west coast rap battles. A typical home for a rapper, he’s not afraid to splash the cash on this huge property. However, his community is where he gives back to ensure his success.

This celebrity influence partly explains why property in New Orleans is so popular and sells fast. It’s possible to sell a house in New OrleansYou can get it without any renovations and a huge amount for it. That’s because stars like Lil Wayne will happily move in and use their riches to turn a run-down house into a stunning mansion that’s fit for the world’s elite.

New Orleans, one of America’s most beautiful cities quickly rose to the top. Louisiana has become a popular choice for celebrities looking to get away from more traditional communities that are home to the famous and wealthy. Regardless, they’re still buying up the biggest and most expensive properties they can find.