Lindsay stars with Craig. Winter HouseHe said that he is not involved in his life any more. Not based upon that, and I don’t have a lot more grudges,” he said. He’s happy where he is, and he really loves to help people. 

Craig stated, “It comes up to a point when you have to eliminate people from your life.” 

His relationship with Paige, on the other hand, is doing great in spite of the drama currently playing out on Summer HouseThe film was shot last year. Craig said that they had dated openly until the moment when one person was so in love with them that it made it impossible to continue to date. The couple is now “having a lot of fun and spending more time with each other,” he added, “and just happy.” 

And while Craig does expect their on-screen relationship to be relatively drama-free for the rest of Summer HouseHe’s excited about season six. Southern CharmWe will be returning. Paige appears on the show “a decent quantity,” he stated, adding that it was “cool for her to visit and see why Austen is as insane as we are when filming other shows.”