Music lovers will find it thrilling and challenging to discover new music Fridays. 

This is essentially a week-long holiday when fan favorite artists and new faces drop their latest releases for the entire world to hear. It floods streaming services and digital retail with a flood of audio goodness. It’s hard to find the time to listen and update playlists. It’s all just too good! There are also, to be honest, some stinkers.

We do, as it turns out. Welcome to The MixtapCelebHomes

Music industry knows how to keep you on your toes. 

Just days after Beyoncé announced her next project RenaissanceThe drop will occur on July 29 Drake shocked fans when he released his seventh album, Nevermind.On June 17, 

Do you hear one song with a music video accompanying it? It has to be “Falling Back.” This 10-minute clip shows Drake marrying 23 women. Tristan Thompson serving as his best man.