Although the term “influencer” isn’t a new concept for younger generations, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other similar people in the 1980s.

Influencers are actually around since decades. Murray BartlettApple TV+’s “Character” is’s. Physical reminds us of that. 

Sheila (in episode 3), was published June 17, 2009.Rose ByrneThe Vincent “Vinnie Green” (Bartlett), workout studio is where she stumbles upon the intriguing fitness trainer. His body is toned and he has an abundance of energy. He also loves to work out. As he guides students through a cool down, he tells them that his dog died and while seeking comfort, he nearly reached out to three old friends: “sugar, butter and salt.”

“But do of course you remember what I did?” He continued. Instead, I chose to come here. This class is just one step to a happier, more fulfilling life. Sheila has been hooked up to Vinnie’s classes since then. 

This little speech may seem like it’s meant to motivate students. But Murray said that CelebHomes News was part fake and part manipulation.