Cristin Milioti and William Jackson Harper are checking into The Resort for a not so relaxing vacation.

In the first trailer for Peacock’s The Resort, CristinAnd William play Emma and Noah, a couple celebrating their 10-year anniversary while on vacation on the Yucatan Peninsula. At first glance, it seems like a relaxing and romantic way to mark this marriage milestone—at least, until Emma finds a flip phone in the middle of the forest.

The burner belongs to Sam Lawford (Skyler Gisondo(a guest that went missing while on vacation at Oceana Vista with his dad, mom and girlfriend 15 years ago). He is not the only missing person. A girl called Violet was also missing at the time.Nina BloomgardenAlso, ) was lost.

This adds another layer of mystery. Emma and Noah find out that Sam disappeared from the surface of the Earth the night after a hurricane destroyed their resort. 

Emma searches for answers and ends up at Violet’s dad, played by Nick OffermanAccording to her, their daughter “wanted Christmas here.” However, she refused to share it with me.