Pettyfer, on the other hand, said that he didn’t feel the brotherly love.

According to the actor, Tatum—who also served as a producer—was wary about casting him in the first place “because he looked upon me as a risk, and rightfully so,” the Beastly star said in 2015 on Bret Easton Ellis B.E.E. podcast. Pettyfer referred to his “very bad past in relation to the things I did on movies and promotions of movies.”

Pettyfer never spoke to any other person, lest it risked rocking the boat. He said that he did his work, but he was uncomfortable listening to music. “Reps had told me that I should not do anything. I felt insecure and they gave me a poor rep. They claimed that Alex thought he is better because he does not speak with anyone. It was just that I was scared and nervous to be who I really am.

The bad blood boiled over a few months after they wrapped when Pettyfer and then-fiancée Keough rented a New York apartment that belonged to friends of Tatum, but then moved out after only four months. Pettyfer said that his allergies flared due to mold and dust found in the unit.

Afterward, he continued, he got a “very negative” email from Tatum saying, “‘Don’t f–k my friends. It’s a debt. Make sure you pay the money. “Don’t be a fool.

At the same time, Pettyfer said, his cousin had just died and he took Tatum “the wrong way, which I shouldn’t have, and emailed him back saying, ‘I’m in a negative headspace, can you respect me for a moment, and blah blah blah.’ And I just got hounded through this time of grieving for money, and by the end of it I just basically said, ‘F–k them. How can money be considered money when there is so much else? I don’t deal with it and I’m also not paying.” And that’s what I ought to have done.

This remains a one-sided story, as Tatum has never said a public word about it.

Pettyfer stated, “I was not difficult.” Variety In 2018. In 2018. However, it is the aura that you project in the world people are able to sense. I don’t think I had the right appreciation for my position.