The Craziest, Most Cardi B Things Cardi B Has Ever Said

Cardi B is open about the “crazy delivery” of Baby No. 2

Cardi B a unique way of using words. 

Over the years, the music star has become just as famous for her hits as she has for her unique vernacular. Is it true? okuuuurrrrDoes it ring a bell, or? That is precisely our point. 

The hitmaker at 29 has mastered a variety of catch phrases. When she starts a sentence, she says “You wanna learn something?” We You will want to find out.  What is the usual outcome? These are some of the most outrageous, shocking, and entertaining sound clips in Hollywood. 

And, luckily for fans, she’s hosting the 2021 American Music Awards on November 21—a night we can guarantee will be filled with OMG moments and hilarious quips from the “WAP” rapper. In preparation for this year’s award show on ABC, we take a look back to see what Cardi B said the most.