It’s Palm Springs and it’s the new It Couple. Hot Dog on a Stick.

Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson confirmed their romance while holding hands in the California desert city on Wednesday, Nov. 17, the same day photos of them celebrating Pete’s 28th birthday together were made public.

Kim, in sweat pants and tank tops, was spotted with Pete. Pete was also wearing plaid pajamas, a SKIMS brand T-shirt, and other clothes, an eyewitness reported to CelebHomes News. A box from a Hot Dog on a Stick restaurant was brought inside by security guards. This was a 2014 episode. Staying up with the KardashiansKim indicated that she liked fast-food brands.

Pete and Kim were later seen walking out of the car, holding hands. The two then entered another vehicle, a Maybach, and stayed inside for several minutes before Pete exited the vehicle and returned to the Escalade, the eyewitness said. After he had smoked with his friends at the airport, he was photographed in full SKIMS PJs. Kim later was spotted wearing the same outfit, but on her own.